Inspirational Poem

You took us out of a world living in sin

You gave us somewhere new to begin

You gave us something we will always keep

Your word in which you’ve embedded so deep

In this world there is such a need

For so many souls to be free

Your word will stand through storms and heavy rains

Through our trials we do nothing but gain

Strength and hope are followed by these

Things aren’t as though they seem

He’ll pick your head up when you’re down

He’ll put a smile on your face and wipe your frown

Hold your heads up high

Then lift your hands up towards the sky

Blessings you will receive, if you believe 

Anything you ask of me

I’ll grant it to you sooner or later, you’ll see

Hopes and dreams are the key to faith

Not believing will only make you wait

Without a dream so empty you’ll be

With Christ Jesus there is plenty you’ll see


Inspired By our Lord and Savior

Written By Victoria Sheffield

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Strawberry shortcakes and Lemonade

Strawberry shortcakes and Lemonade

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